Monday, October 17, 2011

Thump. Thump. Thump

That's the sound of my pounding head today.  :( 

This is the second straight day of having a sinus headache, and probably the 25th one in a month.  I finally went to the doctor, and my symptoms were right on the money for a sinus infection: headache, intense pressure between eyebrows and under eyes, sore/sensitive teeth.  I was given an RX for antibiotics and nasal spray.  Sexy!  Hopefully I find some relief in the next few days. 

I was planning on writing a long, lovely post chock full of pictures from my weekend, but now my after-work plans include lying on my bed with a warm compress on my face and Norah Jones radio playing on Pandora. Just what the doctor ordered! 

But don't worry- you'll be caught up tomorrow on all I did this weekend.

(I know you were worried)

Until then, I am relying on the kindness of these things:

Sninus Snoother
Because RX nasal spray isn't sexy enough...

Nurse Fantine to the rescue! Mind the claws
Question: Do you have sinus issues in the fall or spring? What do you use to help provide relief?

I never had bad allergies or sinus issues until I moved to Philadelphia- lucky me!  Since then, I've dealt with some pretty intense sinus headaches.  Thank god for the Neti Pot!

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