Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, the fun we had in England

One year ago today, I was on an airplane from London back to Philly, wrapping up more than a year of living in England. 

Within my last month in England, I had completed my M.A Publishing program, turned in my 50+ page dissertation, visited six countries in two weeks, and figured out how to pack a year's worth of stuff into two suitcases.

Today I find myself quite nostalgic, and reflecting upon some of my favorite things from England. This is in no way a complete list, far from it, in fact.  It's just the things that come to mind today. 

- The pubs.  There is simply nothing like it here. Stephen Starr tries to replicate it with The Dandelion, but I scoff at the thought of paying $28 for a Sunday roast.  My favorite kind of pub were the no frills ones. Just cozy sofas, a lit fireplace in the winter and outside seating in the summer.  The Cocoanut and Druid's Head were two of my favorites in Kingston.  The Cocoanut had possibly the best Thai food, whereas Druid's Head served a perfect Yorkshire pudding wrap.

Photo courtesy of Jackie
In central London, it was always fun to walk around and stumble upon a new favorite pub. As my favorite part of the city was Shoreditch, we found many we loved there.

The Ten Bells, where Jack the Ripper hung out.
- My dear friends.  I was fortunate to meet some amazing people while living in England, and become even better friends with friends I already knew from the States.  While I miss them and wish we could see each other more often, I know we'll keep in touch and many future visits await us.

Picnic on a gorgeous day in Richmond Park

Our two favorite Irish people (other than me, because I'm totally Irish, right Niamh??)

At the Slug and Lettuce on St. George's Day.

From Tulsa to London- it's Best Friend Carrie!
My sweet, lovely, dear friend Isabelle xoxo
My two sweet girls, Jenny and Niamh. 

..and a more typical picture of Meg, Niamh and Jenny.
 - Kingston-Upon-Thames.  This was the town were we lived and I went to university. Nearby was Hampton Court Palace, Bushy Park, Richmond Park, and of course, the beautiful Thames River.  Rhett and I spent many summer nights with our friends sitting along the river, drinking beers, and watching the swans and ducks. It was simple, easy-going, and most of all, fun. Just mind those pesky midges, they'll getcha!

Niamh and me along the Thames. RIP cute fedora

Old London Road
Kingston town centre

Kingston Bridge

Kingston town centre

Hampton Court Palace

I miss you, Next.

Bushy Park.  I spent many hours running in this park and it never ceased to amaze me.

Royal deer
Richmond Park

The Thames, trail to Hampton Court

Scratch that- I DON'T miss those foxes!
- London.  The people, sights, shops, food, history, public transport, etc. I spent as much time as possible in this city, and I loved it every second of it.  Except for rush hour in the tube. There is such thing as tube rage.

The Prime Meridian!

 - Miscellaneous things that pop in my head from time to time.  Sainsbury's brand cream crackers, dark chocolate digestives, cheesy chips, Boots, NHS (I miss you sooooo, free healthcare!!), Sunday roasts, Primark, etc. The list goes on.

While I'm so happy living in Philadelphia again, I often miss England and the British culture.  Fortunately, we're already planning our next visit back in summer 2012. Hopefully we'll time it right and be in England before the Olympics, and in Europe during them.

And who's to say where we'll be living in 5 years? :) We like to hop around.

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  1. This made me want to go back to London so badly.

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