Monday, October 10, 2011

Case of the Muuundays

1. How is it Monday already?

2. Why do long weekends always seem so short?

These two questions will continue to stump me every time. But until I find answers to satisfy these rhetorical questions, I will use Mondays as a time to discuss my previous weekends, and to look forward to the week ahead.

Because of some strategic scheming on my part, I had last Friday off. (This "strategic scheme" actually involved no real strategy or scheme; I simply chose to use Yom Kippur as my optional holiday instead of Good Friday back in April. Clever, nonetheless.) Rhett also took Friday off, and has today off since he works at a bank and it is a bank holiday, so extra long weekend for him (jerk).

Lucky for us, we managed to try 3 new-to-us restaurants!
We had burgers (veggie burger for Rhett) at Village Whiskey on Thursday night. Verdict? Amazing. As soon as I had my first bite, I knew the hype was correct.  It was well worth the wait (and the price). We shared a plate of duck fat french fries, which were crispy and perfect.  My arteries thanked me later for not ordering the Sly Fox Cheddar dipping sauce for the fries, although I was VERY tempted.

Saturday night we went to Farmacia with friends.  We asked the waitress about what the word Farmacia means, and if I recall correctly, it means "the farm is here." Fresh, locally sourced, delicious foods. I chose the London Broil, which is an interesting pick for me, as I tend to order seafood over red meat at nice restaurants. Yum.

Last but never least, Rhett and I ate at Max Brenner's, or Chocolate by the Bald Man.  Considering Rhett's omelette came with a buttery biscuit and chocolate dipping sauce, I think it was a winner. The smell of the restaurant reminded us of chocolate shops in Brussels and Berlin. Bliss!  We were too full for dessert (shame), but will definitely return there soon.

(*I never seem to have my camera ready to take pictures of my food before I inhale it. Maybe I should stop and breathe and try that next time- it might make for more visually pleasing posts).

Other accomplishments of the week:

- OU beat Texas. Final score: 55-17. Boomer Sooner!

- I made Can You Stay for Dinner's Sweet Potato Chili! I recommend it to anyone- so easy, so delicious, and so many leftovers. Added bonus: your house smells like spiced heaven for about 10 hours.:)

- I got to spend lots of time with these girls: (* Fantine is being lazy in the computer chair, she's hard to see)

Photo courtesy of Rhett. This is what they were up to today. Such exhausting lives.

All-in-all, a fun, relaxing, victorious, gluttonous, "long" weekend.

Question: How was your weekend? Any fun plans for the upcoming week? 
For me, lots of P90X, dinners at home, The Legwarmers concert on Friday, and Apple Fest on Sat.

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  1. My family was visiting for the weekend. We did the Boston trolley tour, a harbor tour, and a bbq at our new apartment. I'm excited to try a new restaurant in Boston this weekend...The Barking Crab. It is along the harbor and has great views of the skyline.