Monday, October 31, 2011


Yesterday was a beautiful fall day. We had our kickball's Oktoberfest at Belmont Plateau in Fairmount Park. 

6 hours of kickball= bliss. I love this kickball league. But more about that in another post.

I have been to Belmont Plateau twice now for kickball. The first time in June, I broke my finger.

Broken finger, fake Canada tattoo. Happy Canada Day to me.
This time at Belmont Plateau was equally as annoying as a broken finger.  Someone stole my wallet from my handbag.

I hold myself partially responsible for forgetting that Philly can be unsafe at times, and I should have been holding onto my purse safely instead of keeping it on the bench with everyone's stuff. But then again, hindsight is always 20/20. 

Funny/sad story: this is not the first time I have had my wallet stolen.  I had it stolen 3 years ago in Atlantic City- we were in town for a Regina Spektor concert, and I had the tickets IN MY WALLET.  Arrrrgh!
I took this photo right before the wallet was stolen.
Lucky (?) for me, I was getting over pink eye, so the kind-hearted people at House of Blues took one look at my sad, swollen eye (and my face from crying), and issued me two new tickets, free of charge.  Amazing!

This most recent wallet that was nicked was actually the replacement of the 2008 one. Grrr- and I really loved my wallet! It was turquoise and pretty.

And while dealing with the credit card companies and filling police reports have been a headache (the thieves who stole it charged over $2,000 in two hours on my cards!), the thing I'm most bummed about is the sentimental things that were in the wallet that I'm sure they just threw away. 

Among the things I will miss:

- Pictures of my nephew at 6 months old and at one year old. Yes, these are luckily replaceable, but I loved how worn those original ones were.  I looked at them all the time and smiled at his chubby cheeks and bald head.
- All my England ID cards: my Oyster card, rail card, and Kingston Uni student ID.
- Old fortunes from fortune cookies.  My favorite: "You're Pretty!"
- Jimmy Buffett concert ticket from 3 years ago. Random, but I loved it and kept it in there since the concert.
- Macys coupons. I wonder if they used them when they charged $600 to my Macy's credit card? :(

It's unfortunate, but it could certainly be worse.  I never have much cash on me, I was aware of it missing right away and reported it stolen within a couple of hours (I wanted to make sure I hadn't left it at home), and I am not liable for any of the charges put on it yesterday.  Also, I wasn't hurt in any way.  AND I had my expensive camera on me the whole time (but not my purse, go figure), which was a lot more valuable than anything I had in my wallet. 

So, to the people who stole my wallet, may karma be harsh and unforgiving to you.  You deserve it.

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