Friday, October 28, 2011


As most of you know, I grew up in Oklahoma.

I lived in Tulsa until I was 18, Norman throughout college, and then back to Tulsa for one more year before moving to Philly in 2007.

Seeing my good friend from high school last night and watching Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey perform made me kind of nostalgic for my hometown.  Strange, I know- I never thought I'd miss Oklahoma, but actually, my opinion of the state improved when I didn't live there anymore.  People often ask me if Rhett and I ever plan to move back there (Answer: No), but I still miss it from time to time and look forward to visiting it.

Surrey with a fringe on top
Things I miss about Oklahoma:

1. Restaurants: Hideaway Pizza, Braum's Ice Cream, Abeulita's in Shawnee, Victoria's, Ted's Cafe Escondido, La Luna in Norman (can you tell I like Mexican food?)
2. The Tulsa drive-in- so many fun memories here. Sadly, it burned down last year, but if I recall, it has been rebuilt or there are plans to rebuild it.

A fun night at the drive-in- picture taken by Bens
3. Brookside in Tulsa, Campus Corner in Norman.
4. The Will Rogers Museum in Claremore. My dad and I used to visit it every year, first stopping at the Nut Hut for some peanuts and candy rock for me.

Will Rogers
5. Game day in Norman
6. My parents, Rhett's parents, and his brothers and their families.
7. Gorgeous Oklahoma sunsets- I've traveled many places, and they are the best I've seen.
8. Very Oklahoma phrases, like "Do what?" instead of "pardon," or calling all soda "Coke." I was trying to remember the "Do what?" last week and it was driving me crazy...and then my friend said it last night, and I had to laugh.
9. Sadie, my 11-year-old cocker spaniel puppy.

The Mackin girls and cute little Sadie
10. Floating down the Illinois River in Talequah in the summer.

What better way to end this post than with a very appropriate song? Enjoy :)

Questions: Do you still live where you grew up? If not, do you have plans to ever move back there?

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  1. Meagan, there are so many new places downtown! I can't wait to show you around next time you're here :D