Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All work and no play...

Yesterday I did something I love on my lunch break.

I walked through Rittenhouse Square to visit one of my favorite places.

The library.

A building filled with free books, mine for the taking.  What could be better?

Confessions of a book nerd:

1. I have my library pin memorized. Handy for quick computer access with the mood strikes. (Keep in mind library pins are about 10-digits long.)

2. I have paid probably $10 in late fees to the Free Library of Philadelphia. However, that says more about my laziness than my love for free books.

3. I could spend hours browsing the Adult Fiction section. Correction: I have spent hours, in one day, browsing the Adult Fiction section.

I think three is enough for now- I'm starting to feel self-conscious.

Yesterday I picked up a book I've wanted to read for quite awhile.

The Shining! Finally!
Thoughts so far?  Really, REALLY good.  I read 150 pages (should I add my super-speedy reading skills to the above list?) and they are only just getting the Overlook Hotel.  So in other words, it's nice and detailed and includes a lot of back story.  I love that in a book, so much so that I typically see movies first, and then read the book. I have never been disappointed in either version that way, whereas more often than not, I am  annoyed with the movie when I see it after the book.

You know what the best part of the book is? Not having to see, or even picture, her:

Hide yo kids!
Although I wouldn't mind seeing this version:

Questions: What books are you reading these days? Any recommendations? Do you have your library pin memorized, too?  Have you read any Stephen King books?

This is my first Stephen King novel, although I've read his memoir "On Writing." I think I'll try reading "Carrie" and "It" sometime in the future. 

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