Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's indeed a small world...

...or Oklahoma is just a small state and we tend to travel in packs.

Since I moved from Oklahoma, I've had several "small world" moments.

To name a few:

- My friend works with a girl from Oklahoma, and we share mutual friends.  She graduated a year behind me from another Catholic high school in Tulsa.

- I met a Canadian girl at a party in London who knew my cousin from Ontario.  No, that has nothing to do with Oklahoma, but whatever.

- When Rhett's brother and his wife (Geoff & Sandra) visited us in London, the three of us went on a bike tour of the Royal Parks together.  There were about 8 girls on the tour who were current journalism majors at OU.  We noticed their cutesy Oklahoma tote bags, and then did our best to avoid them during the rest of the tour.

And the one that really blew my mind:

- My co-worker is from Norman, OK, went to school at OU, and she knows Geoff and Sandra.  Very, very small world.

Have you ever had a "small world" moment?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Edit to previous post

Jenna and I decided to skip MMP for a cozy night in with some beers at mine. Best decision we've made all day :)


Tonight I'm going to one of my favorite things ever. 





That's right. That's all the dj (DJ Deejay) plays. And. I. Love. It. I haven't been to once since before I left for England, and that one was the night after Michael Jackson died. There were about 1 million people packed in The Barbary- I probably burned approximately 5,000 calories and was deaf for days afterwards.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My new routine

Apparently I decided to take the month of February off from blogging. But honestly, nothing exciting ever happens in February, so you really didn't miss much. Next Wed. is payday the last day of February, meaning my Least Favorite Month of the Year is over and done with. Hurrah!

A few weeks ago, we got to Facetime with two dear friends and their new baby, Ben.  One of them (I think it was Ben) asked me how my new job was going, and I answered immediately "I love it. I absolutely love it."  Rhett replied that this is the happiest he's seen me in a long time.

And you know what?  It's true! I now enjoy talking about my job and about how my day/week went, instead of just sighing and saying "whatever, same old story." I welcome challenging tasks and feel accomplished once I've tackled them.  I have a daily To Do list that's a mile long, and I am genuinely satisfied when I get to cross each item off...or even when I have to move some items to the next day's list.

Rhett and I have established a nice routine during the week.  We wake up at the same time now (well...Rhett wakes up, showers, then attempts to wake me up at least 5 times before I respond.  My morning laziness has not changed that much), drink our coffee and smoothies together, then go off to our respective jobs for 8 hours.  We work out after work, come home, make dinner, watch whatever show we are currently on (just finished "Breaking Bad." When is Season 4 coming out on DVD??), and read and fall asleep by 11:00.  I like this routine. I'm happy with this routine. And I'm happy that I'm happy about having this routine.

Does any of this post making sense? I guess that's what happens when I take a month off from blogging...