Friday, November 4, 2011

Random thoughts for Friday

Happy Friday! It's been a long, busy week, and I'm looking forward to relaxing, sleeping in, and spending quality time with good friends this weekend.

I don't have a particular topic to discuss today, but I have a lot of random thoughts.  What better way to present these thoughts than in my favorite format: a LIST!

- 23 years ago today, my family moved from Canada to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since I was only four, going on five, my memories of this time period are limited and very random, but some stick out in my mind. We stayed temporarily in a Residents Inn condo for six weeks before we moved into our house. We saw the Disney movie "Oliver and Company" in the theater. Our real estate agent's name was Rita. See? Extremely random. It's funny that these are the memories I have of such a big change in my life.

- I did an intense spin class last night, and woke up several times to a muscle spasm in my leg. Is that normal? 

- I got my money put back into my bank account after my wallet was stolen- rejoice! Since my actual bank card still hasn't arrived, Rhett gave me some cash, so I can get some much needed items today: a new coat (very necessary), a wallet, and a money order to get my new drivers license. Word to the wise: watch your purses and wallets carefully. It's a b*tch when someone steals them.

- I'm having so much fun finding things to buy my nephew as a Big Brother gift (Baby Ryan is due in 10 days!), and also for Christmas and his birthday. I'm excited to read him a Berenstein Bears book that I'm getting him- it was my favorite as a kid.

- Less than three weeks until Thanksgiving, and I get to see my family again and meet Baby Ryan. I haven't seen my parents, my sister, brother-in-law, or Will since May.

Can't wait to see the Tanner family again!
- I've been having crazy notions of wanting to run a marathon. I blame this insanity mostly on the fact that the NYC marathon is this weekend and several bloggers I read are running it. It sounds so exciting, and I really enjoy the process of training for a big race. I've always said half marathons are enough for me, but maybe not? More to come on that thought.  Let's hope for my knees' sake it's just temporary. :)

- And finally, continuing CNC's Be Thankful Challenge, today I am thankful for my friends. I have friends near and far, and they all mean the world to me. I can't wait to spend time with Erica tonight, and to chat on the phone with Isabelle this weekend, and have a reunion with Rachel over the holidays...and hopefully lots of other friends, too!

Question: Any fun plans for the weekend? What were your favorite books as children?

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