Monday, November 7, 2011

Bargain shopping

My mom taught me and my sister many valuable lessons over the year, but I think the one we practice best on a daily weekly basis is smart shopping.  I rarely, if ever, purchase full-priced items.  I stalk clothes/shoes/accessories down until they are at least 40% off. I dance a merry jig when I receive coupons in the mail.  And if I get home and think about my purchase and realize it's something that I don't necessary need at that point, I happily return it the next day with a smile on face.  More money for me, plus no buyer's remorse. Cha-ching!

However, while one can be taught smart shopping, one cannot necessarily learn patience.  And that is one major virtue I lack. Because of my impatience, I miss out on one area of smart shopping: the thrill of the hunt...for a bargain. 

The following scenario happens to me quite often:

Me: "Oh my gosh! I love your <sweater, coat, purse,etc,> where did you get it?"

Good friend/Random stranger: "Oh, thanks! I bought this for $21 at <TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross>!

Me: "Really? But I never find anything at those stores!"

Friend/stranger: "You really have to hunt through racks and racks of clothes. You've gotta have the patience for it."

And there lies the problem. 

So imagine my surprise when I wandered into Daffy's today, sorted through accessories and tried on countless outerwear, and I left with not only a super cute wallet (a red leather Kenneth Cole wallet for $19.99), but a perfect Nine West coat (houndstooth, fits perfectly, $49.99). What a deal!

I wonder if this success will keep me motivated until Black Friday, when my mom wants to hit the stores at 4:30 a.m. Yikes!! Maybe I can convince her to bring along my 2-year-old nephew Will, and he and I can compete in the ultimate whining contest. :)

Other exciting things for Monday:

- We had a fantastic weekend. I got to sleep in and be very lazy, and I got to spend quality time with several good friends throughout the weekend. My dear friend Isabelle called from Paris and we had a lovely catch-up chat. Our kickball team beat the pants of the other team, and I got to play with Baby Domenick.  And last but not least, we got two home-cooked meals made for us. Turkey chili on Sat. night, and spaghetti squash last night. Perfect!

- One more week until my sister's due date! C'mon, Baby Ryan! You have lots of excited grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins/friends waiting for you, and not to mention awesome parents and big brother!

- On our walk home yesterday from kickball, someone had boxes of free records outside. There wasn't the best selection overall, but they had a few random ones I liked.  I went a little overboard and took home about eight Christmas records (I told you they were random). Rhett was not as impressed, but he will be come December when I play these non-stop! :)

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  1. Can't wait to see your new jacket!! Also black Friday shopping is worth it. I've been going the last few years with my mom and sister and we get tons of stuff for cheap. After turkey dinner we get out all of the ads and our lists and get our game plan together. It's become a tradition. Then we come home and eat leftovers and take a nice long nap.