Monday, November 14, 2011

Crossing to the dark side

As I am sure most of you know or are close to figuring out by now, I love to read. I honestly cannot think of a more relaxing way to spend my time, especially when its paired with a cup of tea or a glass of red wine.

My sister is also a big reader, and on a weekly basis, we email or text each other new titles to check out.  She's like me and gets her books from the library.  I love supporting the book publishing industry when I can, but its also nice to support local libraries...and get books for free!

Now that I have a nephew, soon to be two nephews (Baby Ryan is being a slow poke- hurry up, buddy!) its so much fun to think of books that I loved to read as a kid and I can now pass on to him.  Of course, I'm not sure if Will or Ryan will gravitate towards "Sweet Valley High" or "The Babysitters Club" like their mom and aunt did, but I think they will have a great love for reading just like us.

I never thought I'd say this....but....I am considering getting an E-reader. 


I know. It's crazy. I have been so against them since they started coming out, and now I'm caving. Why would I want to purchase something that you need to charge, and that could ultimately break? You're telling me I can't read an E-reader in the bathtub because I could drop it and therefore ruin it? Huh? What's the point?

However, that all changed last week when Rhett returned from a business trip in NYC, where he was able to discuss the new Kindle Fire with Amazon reps. It hasn't come out yet (not until tomorrow), so I haven't been able to use it or find out too many details, but from the articles I've read about it, and from what Rhett told me, it sounds pretty sweet. 

Kindle Fire
My mom has a Nook, and she seems to really like it- I'm going to test hers out over Thanksgiving and see what its like to read a book on it.  Hopefully Amazon has some good deals for Cyber Monday. 

Question: What are your thoughts on E-readers? Do you own one? Have you used one before? And as always, do you have any book recommendations? :)

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  1. Hey Megser, I use my Kindle all the time - but only for work-related reading. It's really handy, lovely screen, easy to manage on a packed tube. If I'm going to spend money on a book though, I'll buy the print one, because I'm like a kid, I like to show off what I've read (look Mommy - ALL of these!) And I like flicking through pages, which is hard to do on an e-reader, though I'm sure the technology will catch up soon. People like to flick.