Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to March

If the rest of the month continues to be anything like today, I think I have a very productive month ahead of me!  I've been happily crossing things off my To Do Lists (yes, I have multiple lists), and I do this dance each time: 

Just a few things I've accomplished today:

- Paid some lingering bills, mostly for magazine subscriptions I've been putting off paying for. That whole "Bill me later" option is so nice until you actually receive the bill in the mail. Ugh.

- Finally ordered our EZ Pass for our car.  We used to have one, but according to my mom, I "told her to throw it away," so she threw it away while we were in England.  I have no recollection of such a request, nor does it make ANY sense that I would want that, but she seems to be sticking to her story. The more likely scenario is that she did a typical Mackin Girl thing, and pitched it out during a frenzied cleaning spree.  I think Rhett, David, and my dad can attest to that happening a lot when we start cleaning or organizing.

- Made Rhett an eye appointment.  That's right- I made Rhett an appointment. What am I, his secretary??  But really, I made it for selfish reasons- while he's getting his eyes checked, I can browse their glasses selection and choose some new frames.  Because I am blind as a bat, my glasses are ridiculously expensive, so I need to choose a pair and then start saving for them.  I also want a pair of RX sunglasses, so that should be a hefty price tag.  Luckily Drexel offers very good vision insurance, so hopefully it's within my limit. 

- Emailed long-lost friends and made plans to hang out this month.  Josh and Andy, I miss you.  Read my email and let's make a date.

- Found out when the cherry blossoms are in peak season in D.C.... and promptly sent Rhett about 45 emails letting him know what I want to see and do in D.C. when we go over March 23-25 (peak!)

- Finally listened to Regina Spektor's new single. And smiled.  I love that girl.

And all of that on top of work tasks!

Welcome to March, and welcome to the weekend, friends.  Enjoy it.

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