Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's indeed a small world...

...or Oklahoma is just a small state and we tend to travel in packs.

Since I moved from Oklahoma, I've had several "small world" moments.

To name a few:

- My friend works with a girl from Oklahoma, and we share mutual friends.  She graduated a year behind me from another Catholic high school in Tulsa.

- I met a Canadian girl at a party in London who knew my cousin from Ontario.  No, that has nothing to do with Oklahoma, but whatever.

- When Rhett's brother and his wife (Geoff & Sandra) visited us in London, the three of us went on a bike tour of the Royal Parks together.  There were about 8 girls on the tour who were current journalism majors at OU.  We noticed their cutesy Oklahoma tote bags, and then did our best to avoid them during the rest of the tour.

And the one that really blew my mind:

- My co-worker is from Norman, OK, went to school at OU, and she knows Geoff and Sandra.  Very, very small world.

Have you ever had a "small world" moment?

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