Friday, March 9, 2012

Current love and future excitements

I love how this blog is slowly turning into a chronicle of only what I'm looking forward to.

But then again, should I really be surprised? I operate best when I know what exciting things are in my future. And let's face it- while I'm thrilled awful February is over and done with, March really isn't that much more amazing.

Aren't I cheerful?

So, here we go- Current Love and Future Excitements (yes, that is a word).

- Current love: Bare Minerals makeup.
I am not new to Bare Minerals.  I know of its magic ability to turn my face into a flawless masterpiece (ha). The first time I used Bare Minerals was about 5 years ago.  They had one formula, and I believe it came in light, medium or dark. I bought the Getting Started kit from an Ulta in Tulsa and loved it.

However, I made the mistake of washing my precious BM brushes with plain soap and water, and they were never the same again.  Unbeknown to me, there is a super special conditioning brush wash that you're supposed to use on BM brushes.  Who knew?  The regular soap made the brushes rough and not as lovely as they once were.  So I sadly took my kit back to Ulta, where they sadly gave me a full refund.

This time around, I went to the Bare Escentuals store at Christiana Mall in Delaware. Apparently they have about 76 new foundation colors (rough estimate), plus an original or matte version, and I got matched up perfectly to matte Golden Fair. I once again bought the beginner's kit, which came with none other than the super special conditioning brush wash! Rejoice!

Verdict? Love it even more the second time. 

**I should give full credit to my sister for my triumphant return to Bare Minerals, as she bought the same Getting Started kit in January and loved it.  I decided to continue my little sister habit of copying her.  So, thanks Patricia! 

People say we look alike. 
 - Future Excitment: Bubba
First, Bubba is the cutest French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix EVER. 

Second, Bubba is a she. 

Third, I have the distinct pleasure of puppy-sitting Bubs next week while her owner Nick is out of town on business.

That's right- next Monday night through Sat. afternoon (or whenever I feel like leaving), I will be an official fake dog owner.  Bubba will be exhausted with all the walking and playing and dog-parking she's going to do starting Monday at about 5:30 p.m. 

This is not Bubba. This is Petey, Bubba's handsome friend. 
We have a date with Petey and his hot mama Jen next Friday.
I'll be posting at least 100 pictures of Bubba daily, so watch this space!

- Future Excitement: Boston to see Ben!  (and Jackie...and John)
Rhett and I saw J&J&B last weekend, and liked them so much that we booked a trip to see them March 23-25!  We'll be staying at a hotel with an indoor pool, which will be fun and a lot easier on everyone.  I'm not sure what all we'll be up to, but I do know I fully intend to hog Ben the whole weekend and carry him around in the Baby Bjorn.

- Future Excitement:  KICKBALL! 
Oh, kickball, how I've missed you.  It's been a long, cold winter without you (false, it's been ridiculously mild), and I can't wait for the season to start on Sunday, April 1 (no foolin'!). Hopefully this season I can avoid broken bones and stolen wallets, but then again, I crave excitement and adventure, so bring it on!! 

(Please, be gentle)

Questions: What products/things/whatevers are you loving right now? What are you looking forward to? Do you think my sister and I look alike?


  1. 1) I am excited for kickball, too! Twins.
    2) I am looking forward to my PT certification exam in April!
    3) I can't see a resemblance
    4) I love the new blog layout
    5) I LOVE PETEY!!!
    6) MAMAA!!!

  2. Since I usually skim through what I am reading, in the same way I do not listen to people when they talk to me, I came across BM Brushes. I am not sure what BM means to you, but I know what it means to me. Typically whenever I see a modern art opening painting, I have often thought the paintings were done with BM Brushes.

    But to answer you question. I am really enjoying and relying on the Smith and Tomlinson's new upgrade to the TSR-135X, the TSR-150X. The new algorithms for phase, balance, and exposure take less latency and CPU than before.