Saturday, January 21, 2012

The saddest ukulele

In July 2010, I bought myself something I had been lusting over for months.

The prettiest ukulele there ever was. 

 I had big plans for this ukulele.  We were going to go on adventures together. I was going to learn to play the Beach Boys’ “Surfer Girl,”, and entertain my friends at our regular picnics in the park, as we frolicked in the open grasslands amongst the royal deer.

(At that time, picnics and parks were actually a regular part of my life.  So were royal deer. And public consumption of wine and strawberries)

Alas, my dreams were not meant to be. I learned to play maybe 3 chords with the help of Ukulele Mike and this guy, and then that whole “graduate school” and “30,000+ word dissertation deadline” became a little more important, and the ukulele was set aside. 

Where’s the prettiest ukulele now? It’s in its canvas bag in my front closet, silently weeping and collecting dust.   

So friends, I have a favor to ask. Please help me fulfill my daydreams of playing my ukulele for you.  I don’t need royal deer to do this, but I do need encouragement. And wine.  But mostly encouragement and some lessons. 

If anyone knows how to play the ukulele and wants to volunteer to teach me, I promise I will dedicate a song or two to you at my first public performance of “Surfer Girl.”  Hopefully that takes place in a park under a tree somewhere in the sunshine.

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