Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yada, yada, yada

It’s January 17.

I haven’t made an official New Years Resolution.

January is more than half over.  


Luckily, I take New Years Resolutions fairly lightly. I’m not one to allow time to dictate when I make one or how long I have to fulfill it…or not fulfill it.  Last year, for example, I made a New Years resolution in January, and didn’t start “resolving” it until July.

While I haven’t been resolving, I have been working. And smiling because I like my new job so much. 

And going to the movies. 

And sitting on my futon watching movies, comedians and hilarious new-to-me shows. 

Speaking of comedians, I’ve also been  seeing Jerry Seinfeld performing live at the Academy of Music last Saturday (brilliant, as always).
Thanks to my lovely friend Danielle, I’ve also been taking pictures on my fancy camera….ON MANUAL SETTING.  That’s right.  Danielle is taking a digital photography course since she got a new Canon Rebel, and being the free-loading friend I am, I coerced her into showing me some settings on her camera.  Since my brain shuts down at the sign of numerals (and manual setting involve plenty of those), it takes simple instruction to guide me in the right direction, which is exactly what she did.  Thanks Danielle! 

The first half of the first month of the new year has been wonderful. I’ve relaxed, I’ve worked out, I’ve used my brain at the office.  Let's keep up the trend, shall we?

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  1. MAMA! My new years "resolution" was to take better care of my fingernails. So far they've been polished every week in January. Very ambitious, serious resolutions over here. XOXO