Friday, January 20, 2012

Plans in the making

Planning things makes me happy. I like looking at my ever-present calendar and seeing exactly what I’m doing for the next 4 weekends. And when I don’t have plans for a particular weekend, I smile and become excited about all the things I can do in all that free time.  And then I make plans. 

For me, making plans far in advance keeps me level-headed, yet wildly excited.  So, here is a list of some fun/exciting/routine things I have planned for in the next few months. This list can also be named “Extremely Random Things I’m Excited About.”

- Sara comes to visit this weekend! Years of living just a couple hours apart, and finally she is making the journey. I think she’ll like Philly- I know I do. I already told her she WILL be running up the Rocky steps for my amusement, and she WILL jump up and down at the top, and she WILL share many cheesesteaks with me.          

- Snow tubing in the Poconos.  There is nothing better than flying face first on a rubber tube down a slick snowy hill for hours.  In freezing temperatures.  And then going back to a cozy cabin and having a pajama party with your favorite friends.         

- Volunteering at Philly Craft Beer Fest.  4 hours of being an expert on whatever beer I happen to be serving at that moment, and then getting to drink whatever beer I want for free and without having to wait in line.  And I get a free t-shirt and a hot dog.         

- Getting my hair trimmed and highlighted in March. Right now my hair is looking pretty….awesome. Actually, no, just the opposite. It’s in that weird, in-between stage that loves to flip out a la Carol Brady. Luckily, its able to fit back in the tiniest little ponytail, so when it starts flipping out (literally and figuratively), I can punish it by pulling it back. 
- Trips! So many trips to take. Not sure if you can tell, but Rhett and I like to travel. Within one month of dating, we went on our first trip to Austin, TX. Since then we have been to about 10 different countries together, and I don’t know how many states. Over the next several months, we plan on going to Boston to visit Jackie, John, and Baby Benjamin, NYC and/or D.C, Colorado over Memorial Day weekend, and then finally, our big summer Europe trip- 2 weeks in England, France, and Spain. A return to our favorite old stomping grounds, with plenty of friends to visit along the way. :)        

- Meeting new babies.  That’s a weird thing to plan for, but I am so excited to meet Baby Benjamin, Baby Jen/Kevin (not sure of name or sex of baby yet), and reunite with Baby Ryan. Until I meet these babies, I get to play with Baby Dominick, my favorite Philly baby. 

Question: What are you looking forward to?

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  1. Baby Dominick, aka OSCAR, is one of the top Philly babies, for sure. XOXO