Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week One, done!

I can't believe my first week of my new job is already over, and the second one begins tomorrow! It went so quickly and so smoothly.  Everybody in my department is so genuinely welcoming and sweet.  Needless to say, I'm so happy to have this opportunity and am looking forward to getting to know everyone better. And I'm getting paid to write- how brilliant is that? :)

I can't believe it's already December 11- this month is FLYING by, and I have so many fun things in the next few weeks to be excited for.

- NYC this weekend! Rhett's former co-workers from 3M in England will be in town, so we'll be up there Friday night through Sunday afternoon to see them. Mark and Annalisa have never been to NYC, let alone the States, so I'm really excited to see the sights with the first-timers. I want to go by FAO Schwartz and make my own Muppet. Unless it's actually $99.99 like it says on the website. Sheesh! 

- My 28th birthday is next Monday! I'm going to dinner with friends on Sunday night, and then Rhett and I are going to dinner on Monday night (I'm spoiled, I know). I'm going to look up ticket prices to The Nutcracker, and if they are not too $$, I might see if Rhett would want to do that on Monday, too. Fingers Crossed!

- My office's holiday party is next Tuesday. I'm excited to meet everyone again and get to know them in a social setting.

- I'll be in Oklahoma from Dec. 23-Dec.31! I haven't figured out definite dates for Norman and Shawnee, but it will be a great week back home with family and friends. And the cherry on top? Drexel faculty and staff have the week off as Winter Break....paid! Isn't that awesome, and so generous? So good for morale around the office, too. I'm so glad to be at a company that truly respects and values their employees. 

Alright, I'm off to continue watching my favorite Christmas movie of all time, "The Muppets Christmas Carol." 

Here's to another great week! Cheers.

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  1. So glad you love your new job. And i love you. xoxo