Saturday, December 31, 2011

6:40 flights are too early

Just discovered Tulsa airport has free Wi-fi. Considering the size and general deadness of this place, it is a pleasant surprise.

An announcement just came on overhead that a bag and Pampers have been left at checkpoint. Maybe it's because it's so early and I might be delirious, but I found it funny he specified the brand name of the diapers.

Last night was quite the party. I took a long bubble bath, ate chicken tortilla soup, and watched "Singles" whilst cuddling with Sadie. She and I were in bed by 10 a.m and were snoring shortly after. My alarm went off at 4:00 this morning...ugh. Sadie continued snoring while I stumbled to the shower. It's always sad when you are envious of a smelly, snoring dog, but I definitely was.

Rhett and I are on the same flight from Atlanta to Philly, so we are going to try to get seats by each other.

About to start boarding my flight. Can't wait to get home, kiss the cats and take a long nap before New Years Eve.

I hope you enjoyed this boring post as much I enjoyed typing it on my iPod.

Happy New Year!

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