Monday, May 21, 2012

It's starting to click

In spring 2011, Rhett and I made a fun and big purchase. We'd been saving for a DSLR camera for a while, and we happend to find one we wanted in Target on sale.  Even better, it was the last one left and we got a 10% discount on it since it was the floor model. Not bad! With the sale and additional discount, we spent less than $400 on what is usually minimum $500. 

Within the last year, and specifically the last few months, I've been getting more comfortable with this fancy camera.  Initially I used it on Automatic, and while the pictures were good, I knew they could be better.  It was just a matter of learning how. 

Rhett's advice? Take a class, or read the manual. One expensive option, one boring option.  Instead, I had my friend Danielle (who was taking a class and who probably did read the manual) to show me a few pointers, and I eventually made my way from Auto to Manual. 

Beyond that, two sites have been extremely helpful for me to understand the photography language and how my camera functions. One is Say No to Auto (I purchased the $10 E-book and would recommend this to any beginners out there), and the other is the Pioneer Woman Photography page.  I discovered the latter about a month ago and it has been a lifesaver. I was already familiar with the Pioneer Woman's easy-to-follow and delicious recipes, and I was amazed at how many fantastic tips she had from an amateur photographer's perspective.  Better yet, professional photographers contribute content and advice to the site.

Watch this space for some shots from this past weekend!

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